Embryo donation

Embryo donation in Prague

If IVF and egg donation are not suitable for you and your partner, you might want to consider embryo donation. In this case, we look at our donor database and based on certain physical characteristics of you and your partner we select a sperm and egg donor. Sperm and egg from these two donors are brought together in the lab to create an embryo whose legal ownership is passed on to you and your partner. The embryo is carefully cultivated to blastocyst stage and frozen. We then let you know that the embryo is ready and you can start preparing for the transfer. After being thawed, the embryo is transferred to your uterus - just as in IVF and egg donation. 

Egg Donation in Prague

Price 1 Embryo 1 900 €

Monitoring, ultrasound scans, and consultations with doctors
Monitoring, ultrasound scans, and consultations with doctors
Cryopreserved blastocyst stage embryo(s)
Cryopreserved blastocyst stage embryo(s)
Frozen embryo transfer
Frozen embryo transfer


In accordance with Czech law, assisted fertility treatment can only be administered if the woman is below 49 years of age and has a male partner (marriage is not required).

The embryo donation process


High Success Rate

With over two and a half thousand cycles under our belt, we have recorded pregnancy rates as high as 63% through egg donation and 52% through IVF. Plus, roughly 70% of our clients have embryos left over for freezing.


The egg donor is central to the egg donation process. It is therefore vital to make sure yours is completely healthy. All Gynem donors have passed through a meticulous screening process and are of sound body and mind.

Our team

Led by Dr Milan Mrázek, a fertility specialist of nearly four decades’ experience, and an ESHRE-certified head of embryology, our family-owned clinic comprises a close-knit group of seasoned professionals. From doctors and embryologists to nurses and coordinators, we take a person-centred, caring approach to helping you and your partner conceive.

Dr Milan Mrázek

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